SCALA™ Event Productions and Models Academy in Second Life® – – – – – Avi Choice Awards 2014 and 2015 Winner – Favorite Fashion Modeling/Fashion Agency/Instruction Course/Productions

SCALA™ – Avi Choice 2015 Awards Winner

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SCALA’s second birthday is coming up in January 2016.

It’s been a true adventure and an amazing challenge to work with a team like SCALA™.
Last year (2014), we won the resident’s choice Awards in terms of Favorite Fashion Modeling/Fashion Agency/Instruction Course – a huge accomplishment, since we had been working in
the modeling and fashion scene in SL less than a year.

Last December, on the 12th, SCALA was again awarded with the Avi Choice Awards, as the winner of 2015.
Two years filled with amazing creativity, working with people that have a powerful positive attitude, focusing forward and focusing also on quality.

SCALA™ is not a “one person” SL Modeling Company.
We are a group of people and these two Avi Choice Awards go to the entire team, their love and commitment towards modeling and fashion in SL.

We haven’t done much “marketing”, to be honest.
We don’t say we are the best and we also don’t pretend that ” oh, I had no idea these awards were given out or even that we had been nominated”.

That’s the type of condescending attitude we don’t have, it’s not really professional to ignore what happens in our line of business.
Regarding receiving awards and winning, we take it as team work. There is no way the work we do in SL could be done with one or two people only.

SCALA™ is not only a model’s agency, but also a model’s academy.
SCALA Academy Director – Kryptonia Paperdoll – has been training models in SL since 2006/7 and she runs the Academy with an outstanding professionalism.

It has been amazing to watch all our model trainees and graduates have their own careers, some of them as excellent runway models, others as print models,
some of them already own their own modeling agencies and even their own model academies; it’s amazing to know that for all of them, at a certain point of their Second Lives,
we were part of their growth process.

As a Modeling and Fashion Company, SCALA™ is proud to have lived with a humble attitude towards our professional life. Now that I think of it,
why would we have any other attitude, when we are really focused on being creative, doing what we love, as a group? So, we keep being positive,
our next Graduation Show is coming up in January, as we also celebrate our second anniversary in SL.

Join us in celebration of our 2nd Anniversary and another Graduation Show, sponsored by over 10 SL Designers and exclusive outfits for this event!

SCALA AVI Choice winner 2015


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