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. longing for peace .

The White Canvas Gallery presents an open challenge to enable you to stand united for peace. Lets disown the mindless violence around us and lets DO something about it as artists.
The rules to this challenge can be found here.


. I strongly believe that peace starts within each of us .
. if we think of the world as a beautiful pond and we are a simple pebble we throw in the pond … just observe the waves it creates .
. those waves are each of us, the ripple effect we create – one by one – can help everyone around us .
. if we are peaceful inside, each of us, little by little, can make a difference in everybody that surrounds us .
. one by one, little by little, if we truly believe, we can change the world .

. there is a strength in peace .
. the more peaceful we are inside, the strongest we are .
… no matter what …

. I rise for peace .

With love from


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