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SCALA Models Academy: December 2014/January 2015 – Meet the new graduates

For their final exam in December 2014, SCALA Trainees were given two themes, to style:
Capitol Couture and Oscar de la Renta.

Joelis Allen
Vanka Machiavello

In January, the Graduation Show was an amazing fashion event, sponsored by Faster Pussycat.
Meet SCALA Graduates and what they have to say about their experience through the three month course they attended.

Training at SCALA Models Academy was a great learning. I enjoyed every week these appointments in SCALA to improve myself as a model. Classes are very detailed and I still learned a lot despite the fact that I already model for 4 years.

Courses on the fashion industry and the poses organized by Seashell helped me for understand why I experienced setbacks when I passed castings. This has challenged the way I approach them.
Courses styling from Zaara pushed me beyond my limits. I also realized that we all have our own style and it’s important to be yourself first.

Finally, what experience that during runway lesson with Kryptonia! Never had I seen such runway:-) Sometimes it was a real challenge to get to stay on it:-) But later, when we return to more conventional runways, we are left extremely comfortable and ready for any eventuality. It’s really an experience to do.
The day of graduation I had some technical problems but I did not panic (Sea thank you, I thought of you:-)) and finally I do it!

My first success since months and it was very important to me. SCALA is now synonymous with rebirth. I will address the current year in a new state of mind and give the best of myself in my model work.
For those who hesitate to enroll in SCALA Models Academy, I would say : do it. This is the best academy in sl. The instructors are very professional, and very attentive. Everything is explained and all criticism is constructive. And if like me you do not speak English very well, don’t worry. If I managed to understand you will understand and if necessary it is always possible to reformulate a sentence.

I want for finish saying a big thank you to my teachers, Seashell, Zaara and Kryptonia for your time and your kindness. Stay as you are. You are the best!
Joelis Allen

Taking the modeling classes with SCALA was an amazing and fun experience.
I’ve been in SL for a little over 6 years and learned something in every class. There was lots of laughing and good times, and along with that, expert guidance and help whenever you needed it it.
I felt supported by the instructors and other students throughout the entire experience. I whole heartedly recommend the program anyone wishing to become a model!


Training at SCALA Models Academy was really fabulous. I was a dumbo in styling and a girl who fear for the runway.

The first two classes first gave me a confidence and the next styling classes really gave me a idea over styles. I just learnt more walks how to pose , everything. Everything with perfection. The love of my fellow trainees made me feel free.
In one line its ” more than perfection”.


Vanka 3

I started classes at SCALA expecting to complement my knowledge about the techniques that are needed to master as a SL model.

My expectations were met, and SCALA gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in relation to styling and posing.

At all times teachers kept challenging and encouraging you to push your creativity out of your comfort zone in order to keep improving. I am very grateful for the knowledge I have acquired and I am certain this knowledge will help me in the future for any modeling project I undertake.


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