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SCALA™ Models Academy – 2016 Fall/Winter Graduates

SCALA™ Models Academy has been training SL models since January, 2014.
The Academy Director – Kryptonia Paperdoll – has been teaching SL models since 2006/2007; along with SCALA™ Co-Founder Seashell Dench – Seashell herself having been training SL models for over 6 years – both have been consistently teaching and sharing their knowledge with those who want to become the best SL models they can be.

Among the so many SL models trained by SCALA™ Models Academy are now successful model Agencies owners, fashion magazine publishers, active runway models.
It is extremely important for SCALA™ Models Academy to showcase, by the end of a three month course, every single model graduating trainee.
The course can be attended by inexperienced models, that have never walked on a runway or taken a fashion photo and it can be attended by experienced models, that just want to refresh their knowledge, practice and connect to some of their old models friends.

As life goes on, the Academy refreshes their staff of Instructors.

There are changes undergoing at the moment; every active organization moves with life itself and naturally changes and a new Instructor will be presented soon .

By the end of September 2016, we had an outstanding showcase of one of the more active brands in SL – Vero Modero. Bouquet Babii kindly supported our graduating trainees who walked the runway along with SCALA™ Models.

But before getting to their Graduation Show, all SCALA Trainees go through a final runway exam. Here is a short video of their final presentation, based on two styling challenges.

And now, here they are – SCALA™ Models Academy Fall/Winter 2016 Graduates.
Their own words about training to be a SL professional model with SCALA™.

Aealla Illyar

Aealla Illyar

“I have been an experience model for years, but I left SL for two years and things had changed.
When I came back and decided to model again, I looked around at different modeling agencies and studied how their models were and how the shows were.
When I found SCALA, I was impressed, and thought this would be the best place to re-start my modeling career. I was not wrong. The staff was friendly, personable and professional.
It was hard work, but it was fun. I would highly recommend SCALA to anyone who asked what the best school is in SL.
I wish I could single one instructor out as the best, but they were all awesome. Thank you, SCALA, for this experience.”




“Being new to modeling, SCALA Models Academy has provided much necessary information like:
– Understanding WE/trainees should be unique, our name is our brand, be humble, polite, always learning – in short be good role-model.
– Inventory organization techniques.
– Best viewer settings
– Lag mitigation and coping strategies
– Fashion styles, styling challenges (these are quite fun)
– Learning about real world shapes and symmetry and applying my avatar.
– Blogging, social media venues and working with designers
– Poses and runway practice – great fun and learning.

Being new to modeling, there was way more homework than I expected and became a growing/learning experience.
I found the teachers a wealth of information, support and offered much guidance. Throughout my training teachers were more mentors working along side me and offering their insights.
Looking back, I have many fond memories of my training at SCALA Models Academy.”


Hikaru Enimo

Hikaru Enimo

My experience training at SCALA Models Academy was a heartwarming rediscovery of a most familiar world to me.
It is not just a refresher course but it brought back the excitement and thrill of modelling.
My personal motto to present my best in all I do, enjoyed the nerve-wrecking thrill of preparing and ensuring a perfect class presentation and the final exam runway show.
It was fulfilling revival of a passion close to the heart.

You can be assured you will be equipped with the essential knowledge of modelling and a candid awareness of this industry when you complete this course.
And may also come away with some self-discovery and renewed self-confidence and self-image, and for sure gain refreshed experiences in what you thought you already know.
This course in all, benefits the newbies and oldies, models and the individual’s character-moulding too. I enjoyed it, thank you.


Indigo Avonside

Indigo Avonside

I’m new to the modeling world of SL and really didn’t have a clue what to expect.
This academy came highly recommended and after researching other schools I decided to start my training here with SCALA.
The classes were all very well laid out and informative for aspiring models.
The basics of the industry, many techniques and skills were learned throughout my training, not to mention the bonds that were formed with my fellow models and instructors.
I can’t pick a favorite part because all of the classes and instructors were just amazing. Whether you are starting new or a professional brushing up on your skills, SCALA is the best on the grid.


Show photographer: Tania Tebaldi

We wish the best to all our graduates in their modeling career.


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